Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What I've been doing, etc.

Economy sheet is stalled. Over the past 2~ weeks I've been progressively being a bit busier irl(which makes consistently logging to check things pretty much impossible), so suffice to say just haven't been keeping up with it.
Anyway, apparently I might play TERA a bit(having irl friends wanting me to play with them), so that'll likely also bite into whatever I planned to work on.
Other stuff... idk. There's actually not much to do/work on in the game at this point. Waiting on 90 cap and a bunch of other medium-sized patches still. And while the arena revamp patch was "huge," it didn't actually change that much. Overall, the devs are slow as hell and we keep going from lull to lull over extended periods of time between patches that when implemented in TW were on a week to week basis, while we receive a month to month basis.
At least 90 cap SEEMS like it'll be here "soon™," so that's something to look forward to I guess.

Anyway, speaking of TERA, the game is sort of hit/miss. The UI is terrible. And I mean, it's EE levels of terrible, possibly more-so in terms of usability, which is a major accomplishment... Of sorts. The game itself, however, is kind of "ok." Combat isn't exactly as "free flowing" as the claim appears to be, it's just set so that every skill is a straight-line directional or center-point AOE with a limited cap on how many mobs it can hit. It's not bad, but it's not great, either. It has the advantage(and drawback) of being more engaging than a number of other MMO's combat systems.
The grind is also pretty bearable/easy. It's a lot longer than most western MMO's but on the lower end for asian MMO's, so that's nice(though, then again, my definition is probably a lot more forgiving on the "hardcore" scale, considering I was the first to nolife to 80 on GF and was the first 55/60 on EE).
The game also feels like a hybrid of several f2p MMO's that uses a graphics engine that doesn't suck. It plays extremely and eerily similar to an f2p MMO, it even has a ton of very noticeable outlets where an f2p model could be built into. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't designed this way on purpose to generate more money and ease dev time that would be required to remodel the game from a p2p environment to an f2p one when it (inevitably) changes from being subscription based(this isn't even a question of "will it," it's a question of "when will it").
One thing I'm very interested/intrigued with in the game, though is the whole chrono scroll system. For those unaware, it's basically a 30 day subscription turned into an in-game consumable that's tradable. Meaning there will be players who buy them specifically to sell for in-game gold, making it possible to get the game initially, exploit the early game market and then continue to play for free off of your earnings.

Anyway, if anyone's interested, my IGN is/will be Chiru if I decide to actually pick it up and play legitimately. And, obviously, I'm playing a loli bunny girl ranger, because you can't play a game like this and hardcore it without being a loli bunny girl. Not listing server because fuck stalkers.


Saturday, April 7, 2012

Weekly Economy Sheet

Spreadsheet can be found here.
Weekend spender can be found here.
April loyalty rewards can be found here.

Monday, April 2, 2012

4/3/12 Patch Notes

Official patch notes here.


  • Lowered dungeon MO count for gold payout to 5, implemented infinite secondary MO system(with no gold payout), limited to 15.
  • Easter event, info can be found here.
  • Character lock system temporarily removed due to complications.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Otherwise, channels still fucked up and... Who knows what else.

Oh, also, 85 ARENA SET AND 80 GVG SET IS IN. Fucking A', man. But seriously, it's about time.

Also also; followed up with an emergency maint due to a faulty captcha debuff glitch.