Monday, July 1, 2013

Holy shit a new post

So, I'm alive.
And sort of around.

Stuff that's going on:
Still playing tanks.
Grand Fantasia's economy is in a massive inflation period. Like, holy shit. And I am making so much gold off of it.
TW GF just got an absolutely huge patch, which I'm sure most people already know about.
My birthday was sometime last week, apparently.

Oh right. Speaking of tanks.
The tourney team I'm on has recently secured, at minimum, 3rd place in an nVidia cash tourney, which is neat. Which means I'll be getting at minimum around $200~ and a 660TI GPU. For free.
Whether I get better than that or not won't be decided for another 2 weeks or so since we need to wait for the losers bracket to catch up.

Here's some music:

Other than that... I've just been chilling, doing non-game things and playing Persona 3 finally.