Sunday, August 11, 2013

Aeria announces Aura Kingdom

aka Fantasy Frontier.

95% chance I'm going to end up playing this game. Or something along those lines.

You can sign up for the beta here.

Anyway, time for some music.

If you enjoyed that song, you can either buy the album(or download for free) here.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

I'm out of Grand Fantasia

Pretty sure people have noticed by now, but I stepped down from tags on Grand Fantasia.

There's a few pretty simple reasons for this.

First, I had tags for over a year and a half and the past 2-3 months have been, by far, my most inactive period. So I just decided to take a break. Because you know, not having any form of obligation is nice.

Second, Mokona got moved. Okay this is actually a really minor reason, I'm just putting it up here because reasons.

Third, Grand Fantasia got AVA'd. And this is really the most important/largest reason for my departure.
Basically, Aeria NA no longer handles GF EN. Sure, they host the servers and they have two GM on staff for it, but the promotions and update schedule/etc. are all handled by Aeria EU offices. That means there's no formal PM, there will be much less transparency between staff and players, and overall it's a huge change that most people probably won't really understand.
But the biggest reason among those for my leaving is how EU handles the CS. They do both very good, and very, very bad things with it. They're actually aggressive with their CS which I completely approve of - what I don't approve of though, is how far they take it. As of now, the GM enchants/tiered spenders are pretty much a thing of the past. Instead of cashing in on those, they're focusing entirely on putting out as many GM wishes in as many high tiered spenders as possible.
And this ruins the game. In many, many more ways than one.

I'm sure anyone who's reading this and playing knows how much the economy has been  fucked over in the past month, month and a half or so. Where everything is climbing sky-high in price and all of that. Well, guess what. GM wishes did that.
No, it didn't do it directly. It's through  indirect market manipulation. I'm sure others have also noticed the gigantic spike in how much AP pins are selling for. The major buyers that are causing the price to increase so much are inflating the price in an attempt to get someone to sell to them over another major buyer. Why? Because they want to spam GM wishes.

But back to the point, because of all of this, AP pin sellers are getting a stupidly huge amount of gold out of nowhere in comparison to before. That gives them a larger buying power. So the basic consumables that aren't flooded into the economy get a massive spike in worth. Not just because there are players that want them, but because the players who can  buy them don't value their gold as much as  they used to.

So yeah. GF's economy is fucked. And fucked beyond all form of repair.

But uh. Yeah. I'm out of GF. And there's plenty of good reasons behind it. But I'll be back? Probably? Well, not for GF. But some other game down the road I'm sure.

In the meanwhile, have some music.

Oh right, and I changed the address for the blog since, obviously, it's no longer about GF or the economics therein.