Tuesday, March 13, 2012

3/13/12 Maintenance

Official patch notes here. What was added that was not included in the notes:

  • Sprite King's added and abilities changed, detailed list can be found here(no more ronto stunlocking, fuck yeah). New sprite king's do not have their abilities localized at all, old sprite kings may have one or two skills localized and either be missing text on the third or have it localized to Chinese.
  • Title ability system added, detailed localized list incoming(?), nonlocalized and less detailed list can be found here.
  • GF EN now (again) forces client version in order to log in.
  • ???, we'll find out if there's anything else added.
Title system is neat/cool(fuck yeah Roaring Maw title, you are the best title ever), however also slightly annoying since it makes you think everyone is either in your guild or your party.

Also in this patch, GVG schedule is severely fucked up, likely due to the DST switch. Allies carried over from last week by default, Bodor's schedule doesn't make a lick of sense but whatever, etc. More or less, fun all around, week-long effects are yet to be seen. Might not matter, might also prevent allying other guilds or guilds that were registered the week prior.

Oh right, and that NPC(well, NPC's, there's two of them) that supposedly sell titles or whatever? Completely not localized and no idea what the hell you're supposed to do with those at all. Will investigate on that.
Write-up about the title NPC's can be found here.

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