Sunday, December 15, 2013

Aura Kingdom Founders Beta starts tomorrow

Oh boy.
Oh man.
Oh geeze.

Actually I'm not that excited since I actually played the TW version a good bit, and this is just the opening CB phase which really isn't that big of a deal.

But the plus side is that it's actually progressing and starting somewhere.

Down side is that I still have no idea what I'm doing in terms of guild/gameplan of actually playing the game.
The other down side is that Aeria is still trying to force Ignite and packaging all of their downloaders with Akamai, which is a dumb and incredibly bad thing to do(seriously, bandwidth is cheap, all akamai does is piss people off).
Also that it's a paid beta for an f2p game, which I have extremely staunch grounds against and believe will have a strong negative impact on the game, but I can't even talk since I paid to get in(even if only indirectly from GS AP pay from back in the day).

But whatever. It's starting finally. And only 4 months since it was announced. Take that, Lime Odyssey.

Anyway, time for music.

If you like the song, you can download the album here. Fair warning though, the album itself is incredibly ranged and diverse in sounds, so don't download it expecting vocaloid, most of it's just solid EDM/trance/house.

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